#BlogBattle: Moon

#BlogBattle: Moon

Guys! BlogBattle is back!

And, better yet, it’s back to the classic rules, all except for the fact that, instead of a weekly thing, it’s now monthly. Which should make it much easier to do it every time. 😀

The difference with how I’m participating in it this time, is that all the flash fictions I do are going to be separate—no more continuing stories. I feel like this’ll make it much easier to keep up, because if I want to switch up the genre or something, I can. Also, there won’t be any pressure to continue doing it when I burn out.

The randomly chosen word for August was moon. I started this story more than once, but finally settled on this version.

So. For now, here’s the first story!

Genre: Sci-fi

Word Count: 561


I’ve always been a little insane. So if it weren’t for the fact that my other crewmate, Davids, is also gaping at the girl, I wouldn’t have believed my eyes.

Air. Air is important.

And yet…

She’s just standing there. Without a helmet.

Well, to clarify, she has a helmet, it’s just shoved under her arm instead of on her head.

“Please tell me I’m hallucinating, Davids.” I mutter into my helmet comm.

He looks over at me, wide-eyed. “If y’are, I’m havin’ the same hallucination.”

She’s dressed in one of our suits. An older model, based on air pressure rather than compression suits, but definitely from Earth. Her helmet has a name on it, but I can’t make it out at the awkward angle.

She smiles. It’s not the creepy smile one would expect from a young lady strolling around on a moon without a helmet. It’s more… Awkward. And then she crouches down and starts drawing in the dust.

“Um. Are you getting this on video?” I ask Davids.

“Trying, but somethin’s wrong with it.” He mutters.

Ah, well. If I’m going to get violently murdered by a space banshee, at least it won’t be on video for every embarrassing detail to be analized later.

I give a little shove off the ground, drifting over to her. She flashes me a quick smile before returning to her drawing.

Or, as it turns out, writing.

“Sorry.” It reads, “Suit is dead. Can’t use comms.”

I blink. That’s her first thought? That we’re confused because she’s not talking?

She continues writing. “They left me behind. When I took my helmet off.”

At this angle, I can read the name printed on her helmet. JACKSON, MOON. It sounds familiar, but I can’t place it.

She’s focused on me now, so I slowly mouth my words, hoping she can understand. “How… are you… still… alive?”

Her gaze flicks downward. Her toes scuff the dusty words out. In a few seconds, she’s traced out, “My gift. Alive in void.”

It’s the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard. Even if she could somehow survive in space, there’s no moisture on this moon, much less plant or animal life. She’d have nothing to eat or drink.

“Food?” I mouth, raising my eyebrows at her.

“From… Friends.” She writes out. Was that a wince?

My comms system beeps out every last one of Davids’ words. I turn around, and I’m pretty sure my brain shorts out.

Because behind him, hovering a couple feet off the dusty surface of the moon, is an actual UFO. Round. Flat-ish. Silver. Is that a door opening?

I feel pressure on my arm and turn toward Moon Jackson.

And, yep, she’s got a knife. Very near to… Well, me.

I glance down at the new writing in the moon’s dust.

“Sorry. They want a human, and I’m apparently… not.”

Oh. Wait. Wait just one minute.

I remember where I’d heard the name Moon Jackson before.

It was the kid who’d gone to space back a few decades ago. The one who had a councilor come out later saying she was quite insane.

That she’d gone out there to find the aliens who spoke to her. In her mind.

Man, I always liked that story. Made me think insane people could really get somewhere in life.

Except, well.

Apparently she wasn’t insane.


Penprints Flash Fiction Dash: Human Error

Penprints Flash Fiction Dash: Human Error

Hey, y’all! Today I’m going to be participating in Rosalie Valentine’s Flash Fiction Dash. The challenge was to write a 1k or less flash fiction from a prompt. We had the option of picking an image prompt or a sentence prompt, but I couldn’t decide which I wanted, so Rosalie gave me both.

I wrote a story with the picture prompt and was quite pleased with it. Wrote it really far in advance, in fact. But it was also half again as long as the limit, and I couldn’t bear to cut out so many words.

And so. In about an hour, edging into the early hours of the morning, I wrote a different story, using the word prompt.

This was the prompt I was given:


And, I must say, this is worlds away from any type of thing I’ve ever written, but… Well, you know. At least it’s within the word limit. Also note: It’s largely unedited, so if you see any typos, or have any critiques, I would greatly appreciate a comment.


word count: 722

“Of course I’m an android.” I say, motors humming ever so slightly as I tilt my head up to look at him.

The Captain looks down at me. His hand is resting on his gun.

“That was a very… human error.”

I resist the urge to shrug, even though these shoulders have the proper mobility. Too human of a gesture.

“Apologies, Captain.” I say. “Perhaps it’s an error of my programming. Should I have myself checked out?”

He waves his hand dismissively as he turns away. “That won’t be neccesary, 115.”

I follow him, looking at the floor and monitering him out of my peripheral vision. He’s less interesting than the floor. Metal. My feet are metal.

Metal on metal.

Clank. Clank. Clank.

I don’t like this body’s hearing. Everthing is amplified.

“—can have your programming examined after the meeting.” The Captain is saying. I focus on his voice. “For now, wait outside the door.”

“Affirmative.” I say, planting my feet.

The door opens and then closes after he’s gone through.

Swish. Clink.

I look down the corridor, my camera’s focus adjusting to the long passageway.

Click-shh. Click-shh.

Footsteps with a limp. Where are they coming from?

I blink back into a neutral focus as he rounds the corner of a branching hall.


He looks up at me. Smiles. Brushes back his red hair.

I’m glad he was delayed. The few minutes the Captain and I were paused in the hallway, due to my, ah, distraction, could have gotten him caught.

He limps up to me. “Have you got it?”

I rotate open my arm compartment. Cli-cli-click.

“The Captain is suspicious.” I say, as he delicately removes the computer chip from my arm.

He looks up at me. I can hear the chip slide into his pocket. “What did you do?”

I tilt my head up. Lock my gaze on the ceiling. “I made an un-android noise. As an ambassador’s family went past.”

He glances at his watch. Not much time left out here before another official arrives. “Why?”

I picture it. Tiny. White. Big, moist, black eyes. Yap-yap. Yap-yap.

“No reason.” I say, pulling my face into what I hope passes for a smile in this strange form. “But I’ll disconnect before programming is scanned.”

He nods, and I close my eyes, settling into hibernate mode. Motors slow. Senses shut off one at a time. I can’t see where he goes, after all. Just in case.

A ting-ting pulls me out of low-power as the Captain steps out of the door. I check the time. It’s been an hour and a half.

Polite conversation is too human, so I walk beside him to his chambers. He goes in. The door locks.


As an android, I can only obey the last order given, which was to get my programming checked, so I walk that way, imputing the order into my mainframe.

The droid in charge of the unit downloads the clip of the Captain’s order and lets me through, light glinting off her plastic-looking exoskeleton. Primitive model.

Six other androids rest in alcoves, screens flickering with their programming beside them.

I sit. Thunk.

Settle my arms into the ports. Chink.

And disconnect.

Maybe it was a human error, but that puppy was adorable. Could I be blamed if I squealed?

I come back to myself. Sounds fade. Sensations rise.

I can feel my hands on my wheelchair armrests.

My lips are chapped.

Can’t lift these arms, though. I’ll have to wait for a real droid to notice. I’m not a puppy; they’re allowed to notice me.

A doctor notices my eyes squinting open. He holds up the bottle of medication.

I imagine it dripping into the cup. Drip. Drip. Drip.

When he puts it in my mouth, I swallow. One of the few movements I have left.

I can feel my heart rate now. It feels like thump thump thump.

“I don’t need medicine.” I say. “I’m an android.”

He smiles at me. It’s a pitying smile. “I believe you, your Highness,” I can imagine him saying, though my hearing is still stored with my current droid.

But he doesn’t believe me. Since most of my systems shut down after the failed editing session, no one does.

After all, I’m not really an android.

I’m just a human error.

Writing Update: Graphic Novel?

Writing Update: Graphic Novel?

In October of last year, I wrote a post on this blog talking about my most recent story. I talked about how it was a major change for me, genre-wise, because, you know, it’s a historical sci-fi (in other news, I’ve decided it’s in the year 1954 exactly).

But I had no idea how big of a step it would be.


Well, because I’m writing it as a graphic novel.

I understand this might be disappointing for all y’all who aren’t into graphic novels–to tell you the truth, I don’t really read graphic novels, either, but this story is demanding to be told in a much more visual way than my other stories.

Currently I’m working through sketching out all the characters, outlining, and scripting. Since I’m doing this for Camp this year, I have a lot to do before April.

Which is in nine days.

Start Panicking Aladdin

bullet my process

I’ve been low-key developing this story since… I’d say June last year, on and off, and it’s been a very different experience than any other story I’ve worked on. For one thing, I knew the ending before I knew the beginning. For another thing… I’ve been able to visualize several scenes… but they haven’t come to me in order.

Which is why I’m now using yWriter to organize the scenes, so I can write out descriptions in any order, and then drag them to a different place.


bullet scripting

I’m new at this. And since it’s not going to be published this way, it’s just to help with drawing the graphic novel, I’m doing it in an odd style.


Basically I’m roleplaying with myself. 😉 I have yet to really figure out what I’m doing, so maybe when I finish the scripts, I’ll publish another post about my revised process.

bullet sketching


I’m currently designing all the characters. These are my initial sketches for Lesley… And, yes. I know they don’t look like quite the same person. xP

I’m having trouble sketching Sylvester, so I think I’m going to skip to sketching Chareh. Once I’ve settled on a design, I’ll draw sheets with different angles and expressions, for each of the main characters. Also for a few of the main supporting characters, like Lesley’s dad, and the editor of the New Hasting’s Herald newspaper.

I’ve also sketched out a few pages of the main story. They won’t actually be like I have them (I’ve even changed dialogue in a bunch of places), but it helps me visualize what it’ll look like.

What, you mean you want to see a sample?

… Okay.

If you click the image, it’ll bring you to a bigger version.

This isn’t how the final draft will look, certainly, but it’s what I drew when I was first trying to decide whether to do the story as a graphic novel. I’m going to have a similar layout, I think, but the style will be much less… Sketchy… 😂

Also, young Sylvester will have a face.

Just sayin’.

And that strange sentence will bring us to a close, but I have a request for y’all. I’m trying to come up with a new title for this story, as I was never really happy with the one I had—and it also sounds too similar to a different story’s title.

If you’re new to this blog and/or story, I still have the back-cover teaser on my “Works In Progress” page, so you can check it out there. But I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for a new title.

What’s your experience with graphic novels? Do you have any suggestions for titles? And last but not least, are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Comment below!

Beautiful Books: From Stranger Worlds

Beautiful Books: From Stranger Worlds

Last year, I did this tag with Won’t Feel a Thingand it was pretty cool, so I figured, why not do it again?

For those of you who don’t know, Beautiful Books is a tag hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up and Further In.  It’s a NaNoWriMo-themed variation on their normal monthly tag, Beautiful People. Instead of asking questions of your character, Beautiful Books gives you a list of questions to answer about your NaNoWriMo story, or just any WIP. Make sure to click the graphic to read some other participating blogs.

Without any further intro (because I have a tendency to ramble in these…), here’s stuff about my novel, From Stranger Worlds!



Whoo, this question has a long answer. There wasn’t any one thing that gave me the idea for FSW, it was more like a collection of events, so I’ll just go with the first one (that way you won’t be reading this through next week).

I and my siblings were watching one of the old superman movies, where the Kryptonian general, Zod, came in and wreaked havoc, then went to the President of the United States, walked right in, and gave his terms (which, incidentally, were “I’m in charge, na-nanny-boo-boo!”). That was then when I thought, “What if aliens came and quietly approached an Earth world leader to negotiate land for them to settle?” Then I got to thinking what kind of terms there would be if the leader agreed.

The story has changed a lot since then, but that was where the first idea came from.


I just happen to have an official (if a little rough) teaser for you.

Sylvester Lee met an alien when he was twelve years old.

The problem was, no one believed him, and the only other witness had a strange lapse of memory.

It’s been nine years since that day, and Sylvester is now an investigative reporter with one goal in mind: the aliens are living among us, and he intends to prove it.

This presents quite a problem for Leslie Hughes, his cheerful, but dreadfully nervous intern. Because what Sylvester doesn’t know is that Leslie is the alien that he met in the alley that night. Half alien, half human, all secrets, she’s monitering Sylvester to prevent him from revealing the aliens’ presence.

And she’ll do just about anything to keep her people safe.

Things are going along smoothly until they encounter Chareh, a young alien living among the humans, the girl who holds the secret that will make both worlds violently collide.

From Stranger Worlds will take you on a thrilling tour through the world of 50’s America—but it may not be the world you know.


For more, click the picture to visit the Pinterest board where all these came from.4866b85b0a3868fcf495ad08a16aa1d6Aesthetic words




An ambitious reporter who is nineteen, cheerful, and also half alien.




Another, even more ambitious reporter, who is twenty-two, and is convinced that the aliens are here—and he intends to prove it.










A small, relatively weak fifteen-year-old alien who has been studied by humans for two years. She carries a deadly secret, but no one else knows she’s the one who has it.






Well, with my last novel (Until the Stars Fall), I basically brainstormed and wrote out, on paper in a binder, what was going to happen, “and then this person would do this, and this would happen, ect.,” and for the one before that (Won’t Feel a Thing), I did basically the same thing, more erratically, on a smaller scale, and on the computer. But I really don’t know how to prepare for From Stranger Worlds. The story has a very different feel than my previous novels. I’m kind of winging it.


I dunno, I’m looking forward to a lot… This is a hard choice. I can only say one thing I’m looking forward to?

Well, I have to say I’m looking forward to the setting the most. I grew up on 50’s stories, from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and The Adventures of Superman, to Singin’ in the Rain, to The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and The Patty Duke Show.

The 50’s has to be the golden age of stories (and they’re clean!), and I’ve had a partiality to the decade for a while.

Also, I really like designing other cultures and cities, and combining the 50’s with the alien people that I’ve constructed is just really fun. 😀


I’m just going to go with random things. xD Because I can.



Welcome to the underwater city Tehsischi! It’s a place little known by humans, but in the story, it’s hidden off the coast of Northern California, far beneath the Ocean. The huge sub-sea structure houses nearly the entire Kehrib (alien) population on Earth, and is a thriving metropolis that’s been there for generations, seen by very few humans.



It’s a bit like a cat, and a bit like a weasel. The Kehrib brought them here to Earth, and somehow a few got out into New Hastings, the coastal human city. So while they’re cute, and the household pet of many Kehrib families, they’ve also become a great pest.



A segment (albeit a small one) of Kehrib are very superstitious, and to ward against demons and other nasty things that humans carry around, they wear charms made of bronze, clipped to bracelets and belts.

And, yes. She has multicolored hair. Their hair shows their emotions, and she’s got quite a wealth of them at this moment (you can click the picture for more information).


In a way, Lesley and Sylvester are in direct opposition. Sylvester wants to prove what he saw all those years ago, and Lesley wants her people to be safe. To do that, she has to keep the secret from being revealed.

Now, Chareh… Well, she’s got a secret that will blast both those goals out of the water and present a much more pressing problem.

What she wants is to not have to bear the secret any more. She wants to not be under constant pressure. And she wants to be strong.


Well, now, that would be a spoiler, wouldn’t it?

… Actually, I don’t know. I’m less prepared for this NaNo than I have been in a long time.


Themes. Heh. Yeah…

So, I usually don’t figure out the theme until about halfway through the first draft. Sooo… I don’t know. I think it’ll have something to do with identity.

(Note: Last Beautiful books, I made a guess at the theme, and it did come out pretty strongly, so I guess from now on, I should just trust my guesses. 😛 What I guess is usually what a main character is working through.)


Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

Tour Banner export2

Aren’t intros to blog posts the worst? (Well, actually, German sausages are the wurst…) I could say, “Today I’m participating in the blog tour for Bryan Davis’s new book, Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World,” but I’m assuming you can read both the title and the banner, since, well, you’re reading this right now…

So instead, I’ll just skip the intro (ignore the above intro) and say, “Bryan Davis wrote a Middle Grade Superhero story, and it’s pretty great.”

Many of us have experience with Bryan Davis, from his Dragons in Our Midst series on through his many other books, including my personal favorite, Echoes From the Edge. Bryan Davis introduced me to fantasy. Without Raising Dragons, I wouldn’t be blogging like this at all. So the least I can do is introduce you to his new book (also, I read it, and, yeah. It’s pretty cool.)

Psst! There’s a number somewhere in this blog post that you’ll need for the grand prize giveaway. Don’t miss it! More specific instructions are here. Please note: You cannot possibly have the correct number until all of the tour posts are up, and your giveaway entries will not be valid unless you have the correct number.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00011]

Eddie Hertz is smart, real smart. He has to be. What other twelve-year- old patrols the streets of Nirvana alone, hoping to foil the schemes of the evil Mephisto? Since Eddie is small for his age, he trusts in his Batman-style gadgets belt and acrobatic skills as well as lots of experience, like knowing how to swing across dark alleys without being seen.

Eddie has a dream, to become like Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero. To make that dream come true, Eddie invented a device that is supposed to give him superpowers, but using it on himself is dangerous, maybe even fatal. He doesn’t have the nerve to try it.
When Mephisto unleashes an earthquake machine on the city, Eddie gets a surprising teammate — his quirky eight-year- old sister, Samantha, who comes up with an unexpected way to help Eddie in the frantic battle to prevent the biggest earthquake of all.

Since Damocles has lost his ability to help in physical form, Eddie and Samantha are the only hope for Nirvana and the world.

Personally, I love middle grade. I read more MG than I did when I was actually in the target age group. This book specifically is different from Bryan Davis’s other series because there’s no romance, there’s a lower violence level, the book is shorter, and the two main characters are younger than the ones in his other series.

And I have the pleasure of interviewing a character from the book, maybe my favorite character in the whole book. 

So without further ado, the interview!

Today I’m pleased to welcome Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero, to Story of Fire! Welcome to the blog, Damocles. We’ll jump right into the questions, since I’m sure a superhero like you is very busy.

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?

I was born and raised in the city of Nirvana. Like many superheroes, my life was filled with tragedy. I lost my mother in a war between competing clown gangs. The battles were horrific, filled with maniacal laughter. When I was fourteen, my father died when he crashed his car into a Dairy Queen. The cause of death was either blunt-force trauma or extreme lactose intolerance. The coroner wasn’t sure.

In any case, I learned how to fight the hard way, on the streets. I was part of a gang of loiterers for a while, but when my best friend got killed by a silent mime attack, I saw the darkness and futility of it all. Just standing around waiting to be killed by other gangs made no sense.

I wanted out. I wanted a better life. So I hit the books hard. But it wasn’t easy. Living with a step uncle three times removed, who didn’t care if I lived or died, I had to be my own father and mother. And I had to fight … a lot. I wanted to leave the streets, but the streets wouldn’t leave me. The gangs wouldn’t stop bothering me, especially the clowns. Those painted faces haunted me, even in my dreams. Yet, the experiences, as bad as they were, made me stronger.

Tragedy certainly does seem to follow your kind around. I’m glad the experiences have made you stronger. On that topic, what made you decide to be a Superhero?

I wanted to help my neighborhood. I had to do something about the gangs. I enrolled in the police academy and became a street cop, a good one. Since I knew the streets and the lingo, even the sign language used by the mimes, I established a great rapport with most of the kids.

But then a new scourge infected the neighborhoods, an especially addictive drug called Ghost. It made a person invisible. Those who take it commit crimes, knowing they can’t be seen, and it often leads them to do something dangerous, They often get killed in the process, especially when they take the drug too many times. In short, they stay invisible forever.

When I found the main dealer, I tried to arrest him, but he turned out to be a superpowered robot. He broke my nose and three of my ribs. That’s when I knew I needed to become more than a normal cop. I studied martial arts, gymnastics, and acrobatics, and I also invented the gadgets I use, the most important being Mastix. Of course, you already know about Mastix. Everyone knows about Mastix.

Obviously, everyone knows about Mastix. Why did you choose the name Damocles?

Damocles was a character in a story who learned that positions of power come at a great price—fear that always looms because of critical decisions you have to make and the constant risk that someone wants to kill you. As a superhero, I wanted a constant reminder of the great responsibility I have on my shoulders, to not let my head swell, to realize that danger always lurks. We superheroes can never rest.

Ah, yes. “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,” as they say.

Is there a personal reason for fighting Mephisto, or does he just happen to be the one attacking the place you protect?

After I battled and defeated the drug-dealing robot, I learned that Mephisto invented it, and he was using the drug money to build a super-secret headquarters for building more dastardly devices. So my reasons for fighting Mephisto were to stop his insane crime empire and to keep my city safe. It is personal in that he hurt the people in my home neighborhood with the Ghost drug. Some of my best friends are still invisible. I don’t know if we’ll ever find them.

That’s hard. I hope this all works out for you. Continuing on that subjuct, do you think you have a legal and moral right to do what you do?

Since there is no law against doing good and stopping evil, then, yes, I do have a legal right to do what I do. Some argue that I am taking the law into my own hands. Yet, everyone who tries to stop evil does the same. I am no different from the father who locks his doors at night and arms his security system. I just do the same on a more dramatic scale.

Regarding a moral right, I think it would be highly immoral to allow evil to have its way in Nirvana. If I have the ability to stop crime, protect the citizens, and save lives, then I have the moral responsibility to do so. Especially when it comes to stopping Mephisto. And clowns and mimes. Especially invisible ones.

I’d say the only thing creepier than a clown is an invisible one. And last, but certainly not least, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I love many flavors of ice cream, but my favorite is Neapolitan with walnuts with little bits of okra mixed in, as long as they’re not too chewy. The combination is an explosion of flavor that reminds me of Nirvana. We are a bunch of sweet, creamy, people of many races with some fruits and nuts mixed in. And the okra? Well, I just like okra. What can I say?

That sounds like… An interesting combination, to say the least. Well, thanks for dropping by to be interviewed! The people of Nirvana, and farther beyond than you could imagine, are grateful for you and what you do.

And now for the fun stuff (not that the other stuff wasn’t fun, but this definitely is)! This mini-giveaway appears in all the blogs on the tour, and includes your choice of ANY Bryan Davis book, in addition to a Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World bookmark and T-shirt.

And now for the point where you say, “Wow!” Here’s THE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY, which is… Well, pretty massive. The grand prize is a complete Bryan Davis Series of Your Choice OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card, PLUS a Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World T-Shirt and Bookmark, PLUS any Bryan Davis Book of Your Choice. (Sorry, no international entries.)

You can say “wow!” now.


Bryan Davis is the author of several bestselling series, including Dragons in Our Midst and the
Reapers Trilogy, speculative fiction for youth and adults. Bryan and his wife, Susie, work
together as an author/editor team to create his imaginative tales.

You can find Bryan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and The Author’s Chair Blog.

To purchase Wanted or other Bryan Davis books, visit Bryan’s Website, The Author’s Chair, or Amazon.

Make sure to visit the other participating blogs!


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How excited are you for this book? Have you had any experience with Bryan Davis books before? And if you were a superhero, what would your powers be? Tell me in the comments!

RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

Hello again, readers (assuming I still have readers after my long absence)! I’m here today to announce something very special—something we (or at least I) have been waiting for for a couple years now.

Have you ever wanted a big break to get a short story published? Do you like Fairy Tale retellings? Do you need to build an author platform?

If any of these are true, you’ll want to read this post.

We’ve been all ears with baited breath to see just what fairy tale would be the final contest at RoogleWood Press… And here it is at last!













Rooglewood Press invites you to join the adventure of the Five Poisoned Apples creative writing contest!

Tada! Here it is!

Isn’t that cover gorgeous! Click it. Zoom in. Study the amazing-ness.

And then click this to see the official rules!



That’s right! It’s Snow White (and I guessed it before I got the cover… heh heh heh…).

The cover was done by Julia Popova and Wynter Clark. The stories, on the other hand, are written by… Well, you.

So check out the official rules, sharpen your imaginations, draw your mighty pens, and get writing!

Are you going to write a retelling for the latest and final contest? Tell me below!

Beautiful Books: Won’t Feel a Thing

Beautiful Books: Won’t Feel a Thing



Yes, NaNoWriMo is coming. We all know it, and, frankly, most of us aren’t sure whether to be excitedly waiting November 1st, or dreading it.

But, yes, as I pretty much always do, I am participating this year, with my most recent novel, Won’t Feel a Thing.

So! To get y’all acquainted with my novel (and because it looked cool) I’m participating (as you can see by the header) in Beautiful Books, a link-up which is a spin-off of Beautiful People, hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up and Further In. I don’t have answers for all of the questions, but I’ve answered what I can. xP

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Without further ado, the post!



Interesting story here. I was actually inspired to write this story in a way that’s odd for me… I dreamed it.

Now, of course, it wasn’t exactly the same as the book (it included zombies?), but it’s where it all started.

The dream fascinated me, and when I mentioned it to my sister Athelas (three cheers for her, eh?), she said, “write it.”

After a lot of thinking, and then a ton of colorful markers and brainstorming… Harper Scott had her own story. Boom.


Erm… Probably… I dunno, actually… A couple of months or so. I didn’t keep track of the day I had the dream.


Oooorrrr you could read this handy-dandy blurb/teaser that I have!


Harper’s job as the doctors’ cyborg assistant is fairly simple.

Deliver and retrieve packages (probably illegal), oversee shipments (definitely illegal), and on the latest mission, escort Dr. Mitchel to his contact (no doubt here).

The simpleness, however, seems to have fled. All systems were supposed to be functioning correctly, but when Harper’s mission goes dangerously wrong… something breaks.

She’s not sure what it is, but these flashes of strange memories can’t be programmed.

As segments of a past life she didn’t know she had unfold in her mind, she becomes wary of the doctors… And they aren’t the only threat. Someone, some group, is out there—and they want her dead.

And the very worst part is this unusual phenomena called “emotions.”


Neat, huh? I’m not sure I’m happy with it… It’s the best teaser ever. *nods*


Pictures from Pinterest


I’m only going to do the two main-est main characters, ’cause I don’t have pictures for anyone else. xP


Harper is probably a nineteen year old girl. She may, however, be a machine.

In fact, she’s not sure what she is, because Dr. Mitchel gets weird and nervous every time she brings it up, and the splitting headaches, flashes of memory, and gut-twisting emotions are only raising more questions. 

She could be a girl, could be a rebel, or could be a machine designed for illegal activities— but one thing’s for sure: she’s hunted.

Axton Vischer is a twenty year old high-city boy proud to think of himself as a rebel. A rebel rising steadily in the ranks of the resistance.

But in a chance meeting, Axton discovers something his enemies (and perhaps his so-called comrades) don’t want him to know.

Harper Scott is alive, after all this time.

He doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t want to imagine why, but he’s determined to track down his former team leader, with or without help.

And if she’s a prisoner, he’ll risk his life to have her safe, as she once did for him.

But if she’s turned traitor… He’ll kill her himself.


Okey-dokey. Y’all get to see my “Plantster” method. (And look—NaNo got a Planster badge: thumb)

Okay. So when I get an idea, generally, I’ll let it sit. Usually for a couple of months (Ahem… until a NaNo… Because who writes any other month?).

If I let it sit in my brain for long enough (usually after scribbling down the bare bones), I’ll generally come up with something that makes me want to write it, which is the most important thing here, really.

Then when I decide to write it (do you have any idea how many teeeeny ideas I have that never go anywhere?), I’ll open up a document (recently a notebook, actually…) and write down everything that I know.

By this time I usually have a couple scene ideas, usually a beginning, and barely any plot. So after I write down backstory (why is that so much easier than plot?), I’ll write down, in note-style, the beginning (“She’ll do ‘this’, and when ‘this’ happens,  he’ll do ‘this’.)

And before I know it, I’ve “outlined” the beginning of my novel. I usually run out of the planned portion the first week of NaNo, though. xP

And, of course, Pinterest. Really. I’ve spent more time on Pinterest in the past month than I have in the past three months before that.

And then I wind up pantsing most of the novel, and occasionally re-brainstorming like I did before I started it.

So. Yes. I have no plot. But I have a beginning!


The same thing that made me want to write it in the first place.

The most interesting past about the dream that I had was the fact that, in the dream, while filling Harper’s position of emotionless cyborg, I thought differently. It fascinated me, which is why the dream stuck with me for so long and mutated into a novel concept.

I’m really excited to write that. Yeah, it’s a weird thing to look forward to, but… It works!


bullet  Back alleys

Ah, the city. Glowing bright on the outside, with a whole network underground.

bullet  Cyborgs

bullet  Space

Actually, space travel is not a huge part of the story, since it takes place largely on one planet, but it is a part of the setting. There is a great deal of interplanetary trade that goes on through the city Krey.


Really? Really? You think I would tell you that even if I knew? 😛


I… Still haven’t been able to figure out how to intentionally work themes into a story? Loyalty might end up being one, though.


So! Readers! What do you think? Is this book worth being written? (I hope so…)

Speaking of writing, NaNoWriMo is in TWO HOURS! Are you ready? (Me: Nooooo!)