Doings at Benaiah

Doings at Benaiah

Galu, mellons! I’ve decided to copy the epic writer and blogger, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and do a “Doings” post. (Benaiah is our land. The name means, “Yaweh has built.”)

So, a medium amount of stuff has been happening around here. We’ve been having some problems with predators in our chicken coop. In fact, we caught a possum just yesterday.

And it has been super rainy here! Raining constantly. I like rain quite a bit (even in tornado season), but this is a whole lot. I still like it. 😛

And yes, this is definitely a picture of the rain that fell here.
And yes, this is definitely a picture of the rain that fell here.

I’ve been working on notes, character building, and story plotting for 19, my Five Magic Spindles Submission. It’s been challenging, especially finding a name for my FMC, but I finally settled on one. Well… Three, but I settled on one for the first name… Anyways.

Athelas seems to have obsessed over Andrew Peterson’s music… Okay, so she doesn’t just seem to have. She has. 😛 She is constantly playing it, and while it’s good music, it gets on my nerves after the 800th time… But I put up with it because I’m such a nice, considerate sister…

Okay, okay. I put up with it because of one really awesome song at the end of one of the albums. It’s called, After the Last Tear Falls, and it really is very epic. Here:

See? It’s very nice. It’s probably the only song that has made me cry more than once…

Anyways, this is a short Doings post… But I can’t think of anything else I can talk about…

Oh! Oh! I know! I have an new idea for my blog. I’m running out of things to draw, and since I’m interested in someday selling art commissions, I figured I should start practicing taking commissions right now.

I would have people give descriptions of their characters, or something else they wanted me to draw, and any pictures that looked like what they wanted me to draw, and then I’d draw it. I’d have some limit to the amount of commissions per time period, of course.

So, what d’you think? Is it a good idea for my blog? And what’s been going on at your house?


10 thoughts on “Doings at Benaiah

  1. Oh, Faith, that sounds like a wonderful idea! I think that you’d be really great at it! I hope that you do very well if you decide to try it!

    As for my own doings… Writing. Plotting. Brainstorming. Getting a clearer idea for parts of my WIP. Um… Other than that, normal, everyday life stuff. I did get pretty startled by a lightning strike that was really close to our house today. As in, on the far side of our neighbor’s house. So, that was interesting. 😛

    And I’m really glad you’ve decided to start doing some Doings posts. Anne Elisabeth really is brilliant, isn’t she? I shall have to consider doing some of those… 😉


      1. Well… Plotting, writing, brainstorming, and such taken to the next, slightly more intense, level. Sooo much to be gotten done before Camp starts and I commence with draft two! O.O

        *Nods.* I shall have to look into it, as well as consider what I should call our household. Anne Elisabeth’s got Drakenheath, and you’ve got Benaiah… I shall have to think something up… 😉


        1. Yeah… I have so much to do, as well! I only found a name for my FMC yesterday or the day before.
          *nods* Yeah, you should. We moved about a year ago, into this house. We named the old house after we moved. 😛 We named it “Old Faithful.” 😛


          1. Oh, yay! I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally found a name for her! 😀 I shall have to find out what it is later. 😉

            Oh, nice! 😀 I’ll have to start brainstorming names for this, our new house. We moved into it just a few months ago. Our last one was an apartment, so I don’t know that we’ll be naming that one. 😛


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