New Art, 08-19-2015

     So, readers! Hi! *waves* Thankfully, the scanner started working again, so I can share with you some of my recent art. (And some that are just relatively recent…)

These pictures are not edited, besides being flipped right side up. Some of the colors are a little messed up, so they don’t look as good as they do in person… But I don’t know how to fix that. 😛

You can make the images bigger by opening them in a new tab.

So. Without further ado, here’s some more of my art!

I’ll start with my self portrait. Yes, I’m definitely five. 😛 This is a picture of me that I drew from a photo we have hanging in our living room. And, no, I don’t have black eyes (unfortunately… black eyes are very pretty), I have brown eyes. It does look like black in this picture, though, doesn’t it?

Self Portrait

And here’s a fedora. 😛 I like fedoras…


And, look, look! It’s a man! I managed to draw a man. xD He does look a little younger than I intended, though…

Bald Man

I call this one “Desert Princess.” I was going for a very non-American look here. What d’you think?

Desert Princess

Another man! This is a pen drawing, with the background done with permanent marker. This one is wearing a hood… At least, that’s what I was going for… It looks a little like he’s the moon. xP

Hooded Man

Okay, this on’s a little weird… My little sister, Rose, asked me to draw here a monster with blue eyes, and this is what I came up with… I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

Rose's Monster

Anyways. This drawing is a redo of a Manga drawing I did a while ago… Some of you know this character, Bunny. She’s older in this picture, though. The strange line above her head is an accident… And yes, I did smear her hair onto her face.

Older Bunny

Mmkay. This one, above the wavy line, used to say, “Unnatural creatures, they are.” However, the scanner wasn’t large enough to get the text and all of the drawing… And the colors are a bit messed up, but… *shrugs*

Unnatural creatures, they are.

Another pen drawing, but this one is even looser. It’s done with fountain pen and permanent marker (and the dot on her forehead is a complete accident). I can’t decide whether this woman is sympathetic, or evil… What do you think?

Fountain Pen Drawing

Another man. xD This one is older, though if you look at it the wrong way it looks a bit like an old woman… I was going to give it the edge of the face, but I decided I liked it this way. (Not to mention face shapes are hard.)

Old Man

Okay, the next two pictures are fan art for Jaye L. Knight’s two books, Resistance and The King’s Scrolls. This one is a Crete, a creature in her books. The large, tilted eyes are on purpose, but they used to be a brighter yellow… Well, they still are, but the scanner messed it up. Cretes wear braids and beads in their hair, but I forgot about it until I finished the hair.


If you haven’t read those two books, you won’t get this picture, so I won’t try to explain. If you have… Well, you will, so I won’t have to.

I want to...

Okay, done with fan art. This picture is a younger version of my character Asali. It’s a colored pencil drawing which I’m still pleased with, even after several months of having finished it (which is rare).

Young Asali

And now, my most recent piece, and my personal favorite. This is a character named Nasya, a girl who I am considering writing a story about fairly soon.


So, what do you think? Do you like my art? Which is your favorite? And last but not least, would it be a good idea to start taking commissions?


14 thoughts on “New Art, 08-19-2015

  1. I love the one of you when your five, I like the fedora, love the Dessert Princess, I love the pen drawing of the woman with the tilted head! I don’t think she’s evil or sympathetic, kinda.. idk… Great job on all of them though, your so talented!


  2. Awesome, Faith! I’m kind of jealous of your ability to use colors to insinuate. I can only draw in black and white because I don’t have this skill. I also like, in your first fan-art picture, the sheen of her hair. That’s probably -aside from the first pic, which appears to be a popular vote- my favorite. The fedora is pretty cool, too. Those things are hard to draw, what with the strange brim, and I like the shadow underneath. Keep up the amazing work!


  3. Eep! Those are AMAZING, Faith!!! 😀 😀 😀 (<<Not quite as bad as the Wolfies, I hope? 😛 ) And I really liked the "Unnatural Creatures" one… Slightly creepy, but I still like it. 😀 Awesome job, Faith! 😀


    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I taught myself. 😛 Mostly from books, though I’ve watched a couple Youtube tutorials for things I found difficult. Lee Hammond and Carrie Stuart Parks wrote most of the books that were instrumental in my self-teaching.


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