A Time to Die Read-through October 3rd

Shalom, readers! Today I’m excited to announce the first Goodreads A Time to Die read-through! (Click the picture to go to the link.)

Basically, what you do is:

  1. Get a Goodreads account. To participate in the read-through officially, this is required, but if you read through it, and don’t have or want a Goodreads account, you can just post your comments on this blog post. But Goodreads is free, and slightly awesome, so there shouldn’t be any problem there. 😛
  2. Start reading A Time to Die on October 3rd. If you don’t have the book, request it from your library. If your library doesn’t have it, buy it. Seriously, you won’t regret it. I posted a review for this book a while back, and since then I have re-read it. It was even more amazing on the second read. It’s available to buy on several sites, all of which are linked in the main book page.
  3. Comment! We’ll read a few chapters per week, and then meet back on Saturdays to chat about them. We’ll even post questions each week to keep people thinking! It doesn’t matter what time on Saturday you comment, but if you’re participating, make sure to add to the discussion. It’d be wonderful.
  4. Have fun! This is a wonderful book, so it should be an adventure to read it, whether this is your first time or not.

So… Are you participating? Are you excited? I know I am. xD (And, seriously, you won’t regret it.)

(By the way, mellons, sorry if this sounded a bit like an advertisement… I really am excited about this book. xP)


5 thoughts on “A Time to Die Read-through October 3rd

  1. I’ve heard so many people saying amazing things about this book! I just can’t decide if I want a Kindle or paperback version. Do you have a group on Goodreads that is doing the read through together?


    1. It is so very amazing! I have a paperback copy, but that’s because I won it a while ago. If I hadn’t won it, I probably never would have read it at all, because I’m a cheapsake. 😛 But I am planning on buying a paperback copy of A Time to Speak. So A Time to Die is worth a paperback, certainly. I prefer paper books over Kindle, anyways.
      Yes, we do. 🙂 If you click the picture, it will bring you to the Goodreads group.

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  2. Okay. I requested to join the group 🙂 I usually prefer paper back, but during the school year I am on the go so much it is easier for me to just use my Kindle app. Either way, I’ll get a copy somewhere! Do you mind if I reblog this so more people can join the read through?


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