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The Power of an Example

The Power of an EXAMPLE

Shalom, mellons. Today is my dad’s birthday! Since much of this post is about him, I decided to post it today.

I got baptized recently, and when filling out the form to get baptized at my church, I was supposed to write the reason I wanted to get baptized. As the beginning to my story, I said something along the lines of,

“I’ve been a Christian since I was eight years old, but I only recently learned what it was to give my whole life to GOD.”

I had a fire woken in me recently to serve the Lord, and that’s because of many things. First of all, and most importantly, GOD’s hand working in my heart. But He did it through many things.

One of which was the book, A Time to Die.  Since I’ve already written a review (though not too in-depth) of A Time to Die, I will write this post about the other major thing which made me decide to give my whole life to Him to do with it what He pleases.

The Power of an Example.

Several examples, actually.

Recently, I’ve seen a change come over my family. It was not all of a sudden, but it was very certain.

In the past… few months, I think, the television has come on less in my parent’s room, we have started going to a Bible Study, and I often hear my parents talking about the Bible and things related to it. Almost every night, that’s what happens instead of the television coming on. My parents read the Bible, or they talk about it. My sister Athelas went through and read the Bible all the way from beginning to end, and my sister Caiti has been going to a different Bible study, in addition to the one that the whole family goes to. And the most important thing is… I’ve noticed a difference.

My family is happier. We talk, actually talk more. My parents have drawn closer to each other, and to us children. My parents and the older children actually stayed up until past midnight talking about the Bible. And as I watched my dad talk about it, I was stunned, because I could see something I had never noticed before.

He cared so much about what he was saying. His eyes were alight, and his voice was hushed with the awe of what he was saying. I saw the same thing in Athelas a few nights ago.

I actually asked my mom about a question I had about the Bible, and as she explained it, I could see a calm, steady attitude which was very reassuring.

I have also noticed my younger brothers and sisters copying my strengths, as well as my flaws. They look to me to see what they should be doing, and what they see is what they do. It’s a huge responsibility that I don’t think about near enough.

And this is why I am writing this post. I have seen recently the amazing, and sometimes terrifying power that you can have over the people around you.

A change has come over me recently which I can’t account for, except to say that GOD used everything around me, the people especially, to change me, to replace the scorching fire of fear in my heart with an ever-burning, never-consuming fire of faith.

And that, my friend, is the power of an example.


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