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#Walk30Days Wrap-up/Highlights

#Walk30Days Wrap-up

Shalom, haverim!

You’re probably wondering what this strange hashtag thing is doing in my banner.

Truthfully, I’m as surprised as anyone. I actually went outside this month. Walked, even.

The fault belongs to my awesome writing-hero-and-author-of-what-I-fan-over (I totally call her that every day), Nadine Brandes. Just before May, she posted about this insane idea of (gasp) going outside! So, the challenge (#Walk30Days, in case you couldn’t guess) was to go outside and walk every day of the month, and get lots of neat pictures at the same time.

Did I do it every day?

No. I did miss four days.

Did I walk more this month than I did all last year? Probably.

Did I also develop a weird interest in photography? Why, yes, I did.

If you stalk follow me on Google+, you’ve probably seen a lot of the pictures from this month which I posted almost every day. I missed several days more in posting pictures than I did in walking, sadly, and several of the pictures that I posted, I accidentally set on private… Whoops.

So today, I’m going to do a Wrap-up/Highlights post about #Walk30Days (hence the title), where I show some of the best pictures, and tell you some of the best things about the month of May and my crazy idea to be less of a hermit-writer.

Day one was not very exciting. I walked to the end of the road, took no pictures, and on day two, got one picture, which I will not be showing today, because I am not terribly pleased with it.

No, I am not going through each individual day. I’ll summarize. Because I don’t have enough patience to go through each day.

Still, prepare yourself for a long, picture-filled blogpost.

On my walks, I walked through rain:

16 - 5 (4)



Shiny rain:

16 - 7 (2)

16 - 8

Gorgeous sunsets:

16 - 3 (5)

16 - 5 (2)

And dreary mornings:

16 - 5 (3)

I saw beautiful things:

16 - 1 (1)

16 - 1 (2)

16 - 3 (3)

16 - 6

16 - 7 (1)

16 - 8 (2)


16 - 1 (3)

Things I would normally consider ordinary, but when I looked closer, I saw the beauty in them, too:

16 - 1

16 - 3 (1)16 - 3 (2)16 - 416 - 5 (5)16 - 716 - 8 (1)16 - 9IMG_20160520_183151IMG_20160520_183613

16 - 9 (1)

16 - 3

16 - 5 (1)

Unusual things:

16 - 1 (4)16 - 216 - 3 (4)

Slightly frightening things (although, I’d been waiting all month to get a picture of a snake. This one was just asking to get photographed):

16 - 1 (5)16 - 5

New things:


And old thing:

16 - 10
Okay, so I saw this before the walk, but I wanted to post a picture of it anyways. This is my older brother’s record player, in case you can’t tell. xP

So, I suppose someone should kick me out of the hermit-writer club, but really… It was awesome. I got plenty of mosquito bites, a bunch of ticks, a sunburn, and muddy clothes, but it was awesome anyway.

Because it’s been a long time since I stopped and really looked at nature; the tiny flowers, fireflies, and the clouds, trees, butterflies, and rain.

Do you realize how pretty it is out there?

Nadine promised that I would feel inspired throughout the course of the month, and, boy, am I inspired. Not just for writing—although, you should see my random notebook—but also for other things.

But yes, I was inspired to write, and of course, that leads me to one thing: Camp NaNoWriMo. Yes, I will be doing it, and yes, I am quite excited.

So, hermits. Why don’t you get outside? You might just like it, after a while.

Would you consider doing a challenge like #Walk30Days? What was your favorite photo?

(And, of course, Camp! Are you participating in July?)



2 thoughts on “#Walk30Days Wrap-up/Highlights

  1. Ooh, what lovely pictures! You live in a beautiful place. 🙂
    And yes! I will be doing Camp NaNo as well… in my case, for the very first time. I’m quite excited… maybe I should go on some more walks to get my creative juices flowing before July. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yes, I do. It’s awesome.

      Ooh, really? That’s awesome! I last year was my first Camp, and it was awesome. The Cabins make it so much better, especially when you’re in an awesome Cabin, not a randomly generated one. 😛

      Maybe you should. xP I’ve been wanting to take a notebook outside and brainstorm while outdoors, but it hasn’t happened as of yet.


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