The Rise Tour!

The Rise Tour!


How would you live if you knew the day you’d die? 

In a world where everyone has a Clock showing their day of death, Parvin Blackwater tries to find purpose in her last year alive.

But will she defy the authorities to find it?


Good sunset, readers!
       I can’t believe we’ve come to the launch of the last book in the Out of Time series. This series has been so important to me, it’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end. Has it really only been a year since I found these books in the first place?
Anyways, today I’ve got a couple fun things for you.

  1. Fan art! I’ve been working on this for a while, a piece by yours truly, inspired by my favorite series in the cosmos.
  2. “Why I Love the Out of Time series—a personal testimony.
  3. And last but not least, an author interview! I got some bizarre questions to Nadine Brandes, and she answered them epicly (which is completely a word).


Technically it’s a video. But. I’m calling it fan art. I made this promo. *snods* Very awesome.

It’s not very long (though it took foh-ev-ah to make), but I hope you enjoy it. Here you go, Radicals!



Like I said earlier, it’s hard to believe this is the last book in the series.

In a nutshell, the Out of Time series is the story about a girl in a dystopian world, who, in a struggle to find meaning and purpose in last year alive, gets caught up in a scheme which could change her world: for the better or the worse, time will tell.

I remember when I first heard of Nadine, she was editing A Time to Speak for Camp NaNoWriMo, I believe. My cabin mates invited her, and she came into our cabin, and I kept hearing about how wonderful her book was, but I didn’t actually look it up.

Actually, I never would have read A Time to Die in the first place if I hadn’t won it in a giveaway—it wasn’t until A Time to Speak was published that I broke my habit of not ever, ever buying books.

After I won the book, I looked up what it was. (Silly me.) All I knew about it was that Nadine wrote it and it was dystopian. I saw the synopsis, and thought, “Okay, this sounds pretty cool. I hope it’s good.”

And, oh, was it ever.

I don’t actually remember the first time I read A Time to Die. I’ve read it so many times that things blur. xP What I do remember is the aftermath.

A Time to Die is such a deep book. Honestly, I’d never read anything like it. Something was either well-written and not exactly Christian, or it was preachy and not very well done (sad, I know, but generally it’s true). AT2D was neither of these.

Honestly, when I read A Time to Die I was at a very stale place in my faith. I was a Christian, yes, and I was going to heaven when I died, but I didn’t really care. It wasn’t a big deal (again, silly me).
After I read A Time to Die, something changed. It wasn’t just the book, of course. We had just started going to a different church, which always shakes up my faith a little, but it was mostly A Time to Die.

I read the Bible in three months after I read A Time to Die.
I’m not saying this to boast. In fact, I’m ashamed to say I’d never read the whole Bible before then. But I wanted to know what was in there, so I read it. And you know what? It was pretty great. xP
A Time to Die shook up my faith and made me see what, exactly, I was doing, and I grew dramatically closer to GOD because of it.

A few months later, here comes the next book in the series, A Time to Speak. It was published. I was expectant.
By that time, I was a rabid fan of Nadine Brandes, not only because of what I’ve previously mentioned, but also because, have you read this thing? It’s amazing.

So here I am, pre-ordering a copy of a Time to Speak and getting involved with the launch. Me. As in, Faith Song, who never buys books, especially if she’s never read them. Who isn’t really a big fan of anything.

And you know what? I’ve never regretted it.

I got A Time to Speak in PDF form… I don’t even remember why. xP

And while I can’t remember reading A Time to Die for the first time, that is not the case with A Time to Speak. I remember full well staying up late, curled up with my tablet. I remember nearing the end and desperately hoping it wasn’t the end. I remember gripping the tablet with shaking hands and breathing hard while tears fell as I got to the end.

Call me sappy, but that’s how it happened. Have I ever mentioned I don’t actually cry over very many books?

In A Time to Die, Parvin relearns her faith, rethinks her life. Reconsiders what it is to be a Christian, who GOD is, who she is. In A Time to Speak, Parvin learns how to speak up for her faith. How to be strong even when she was weak, because it was GOD’s strength working through her. She learns how to be a leader.

That’s what I got out of the Out of Time series. I understand you might not see the same thing–in fact, I know several people who don’t like it nearly as much as I do. It was the perfect set of books for me, but you aren’t me.

But even if you don’t get as much out of it as I did, you’ll probably still like it, because it’s a good story with deep characters and high stakes.

What will A Time to Rise be about? I don’t know yet.

But I bet it’ll be radical.



So, a while ago, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing the author, Nadine Brandes. And this wasn’t the typical interview, either. I tried to find the most bizarre questions (within reason) to ask her, including a few questions that are the type USUALLY asked of characters. There are a few playful questions in here, along with a couple serious ones. And this is what happened.

Welcome to my blog, Nadine! It’s FABULOUS to have you here.

Since this post is already getting a little long, I’ll just dive right into the questions.

Nadine : *rubs hands together* Let’s do this thing.

I have a couple of weird questions in here… Seems fair to warn you of that.

Nadine : Me likey weird questions!

Good. ^-^ If you were stuck on a jungle island, what would be the number one thing you would want to have with you?

Nadine: Part of me wants to name a book, but let’s think Survivor for a moment. I’d want a machete! Because that would let me chop firewood, kill little beasties to eat, and other stabby stuff. Maybe even use reflection to start a fire? Hm…maybe I should have gone with matches.

That’s an epic answer. xP

If you somehow fell into another universe and found that you were a character in a popular book series, what genre would you want your story to be?

Nadine: Fantasy all the way. This might surprise some people because my series is dystopian, but I am a finicky COWARD, people. I’d be doomed in a dystopian world. Besides, fantasy (particularly a fantasy England) just sounds so magical and wondrous…*happy sigh*

Now I’m imagining what sorts of magical powers you would have…

Nadine: All the good ones, of course. 😉 Healing. Flying. Growing stuff. Invisibility. (I’m not high-maintenance at ALL)

Sounds perfect. On a different subject, what is the grossest thing you have ever eaten/drank?

Nadine: Ugh. Okay, here goes: The grossest thing I’ve ever eaten is Black Pudding. And I think it was just a mental thing because it really didn’t taste all that bad. But I just couldn’t get over what it WAS. (For the curious, go look it up. Don’t ask me to…*gag*…tell you.)

Okay, so I’ve never had black pudding, but I do know what it is… Blech.

Nadine: The grossest thing I’ve ever drank was when I was in college. I was in the habit of buying little to-go smoothies for a snack when hanging out on campus. One day, I grabbed my half-finished smoothie by my computer, but it ended up being WEEKS old. It was the wrong smoothie. I almost died. Probably literally.


Nadine: That probably reveals way too much about what sort of messy college student I was.

Very likely.

What’s your first memory? If you don’t know, just say an early memory and we’ll pretend. XP

Nadine: Ooh, I love this one because I have a good answer! My earliest memory is being taken to the movie theater on my 5th or 6th birthday to watch the original Beauty and the Beast Disney cartoon. That’s probably why I love adventure and books so much…and why I’m terrified of wolves. O.o

Ooh. That’s a good first memory. ^-^

Who is your role model, or who do you consider a hero?

Nadine: Okay, maybe this will sound cliche, but one of my role models is J. K. Rowling. Not because she’s famous, but because she wrote from her heart and that rebooted the world of children’s literature. It got an entire generation reading again. Then she used her fame to found charities that are saving and changing lives. But even beyond that, she kept writing …because she’s passionate about storytelling. She wrote crime novels that people may or may not love, but she kept writing them because she is a storyteller. And stories need to be freed. I just think she has a beautiful soul and handles fame in a way that inspires me to write more and dig deeper into the craft.

This is a hard question to answer, because I have many other role models who have been spiritual leaders and turned my life and writing completely around. But I’ve admired J. K. Rowling since I was a young teen when the first Harry Potter book came out, and I’ve got to credit her for infusing the passion of fantasy in my heart.

And I think we’re all grateful for anyone who lead to you starting to write. 😛

Here’s a question normally asked in character interviews, but I’m being weird today, so it fits right in. Who would you die for? And alternately, is there anyone, and in what situation, that you would kill for?

Nadine: Wow. You don’t pull any punches. 😉 Assuming I would have time to actually make a logical decision, I will always die for my husband, or my family, or any of my nieces or nephews or dear friends. Maybe that’s too broad, but it’s true. I adore the people God has put in my life and would do anything to keep them changing this world even a day longer.

I certainly do not. xP Have to have a couple deep questions in here, eh?

Nadine: The second question is, obviously, much harder. I don’t know that I could kill for anyone, even in self-defense. Because I don’t have the right to take a life, no matter whose it is or what they’re doing. But if the situation was that someone was threatening other people–strangers even–or a mass shooting of sorts, I would probably kill in that situation if it would result in saving other lives and if it was a last resort. Phew! This question… O.o

That’s actually very similar to my answer to that question, actually.

So, I recently found your blog post on how you met your husband (which is sooo sweet, by the way), but I could not find anything about your wedding. So I was wondering, though it might take a little while, if you would tell us, if in brief, about your wedding day.

Nadine: *girlish squeal* Are you saying I need to write a blog post about our wedding? 😛 *must….resist….*

Okay, our wedding day WAS MAGICAL. There had been a fresh snowfall the day before, but our wedding day was clear and almost warm. The wedding would be in a little stone church in the 300-person town where I grew up.

I woke up and met my soon-to-be-hubby early to pray over the day. Then I didn’t see him again until he was waiting at the altar. Next I prayed with my parents and then me and my girls went to get hair and makeup done. When finished, we had to keep sneaking around the church so hubby wouldn’t see me. *giggle* Photos were taken, and then I got all dressed up. I could wear that wedding dress every day, let me tell you. It’s SO COMFY. Only now it doesn’t fit anymore. But we don’t talk about that. *ahem*

My close friends and family came in to my little bride room and we all prayed (and cried…happily.) It was so special. Then my daddy escorted me to the closed double doors. The attendees and MY MAN were on the other side. I was so nervous and my dad was tearing up (which IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER.)

The doors opened and my uncle was playing on his guitar for the ceremony music. The first people I saw were two friends who had flown all the way across the country to surprise me for my wedding. That was the first time I saw them. I totally lost it.

Then I turned the corner and saw hubby and we were both so nervous and excited and giddy that it’s pretty much fuzzy after that moment. LOL. His best friend did the intro, and then my dad (a pastor) did the ceremony.

Afterward, we left in a horse and sleigh that hubby had spent weeks learning how to drive! We went over hills and through the woods, just like the song. LOL. Straight from the little steepled church to my parent’s house where we squealed and got ready for the reception.

And I’ll stop there, because this is turning into a novel. 😛

Aaaaawwww. ^-^ You should totally do a blog post on this. XD

I’m sitting here grinning like a romantic fool. 😛

One last question, which I just wanted to know the answer to. Which of Wilbur Sherrod’s suits would you most like to have, and why?

Nadine: *considers the blog post* Okay, the Wilbur Sherrod suit that I would want the most is Inkling. It’s mentioned briefly in book one and Parvin goes into a simulation with it. It stimulates the creative and brainstorming part of one’s brain. And can you imagine the story ideas I would end up with?!


That’s the same one I would want! 😀 For the same reason, even.

Well… Thanks for coming to be interviewed. ^-^ It was awesome.

Nadine: Thank you so much for having me! This was so fun! 😀

It was. ^-^ Anything else you want to say to my blog readers?

Nadine: Firstly, thanks for letting me come be a dork with you. 🙂 And secondly, I pray that each of you strives to be a bringer of shalom. We CAN usher this world closer to the way God intended things to be. Your voice, your actions, and your creativity have power. ❤

What else am I here for? xD *hugs* Thanks for being an awesome person, Nadine.


Update: I just got A Time to Rise in the mail. I. Can’t. Breathe. *can’t stop grinning*

Not only do I get to read the epicness, NADINE ALSO PUT ME IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! O.O Really. o.o Look:img_20161003_154105


So, ready to go read Out of Time? (Hint: The correct answer is YES!)



13 thoughts on “The Rise Tour!

  1. I love it when a story reaches someone and changes their life. I’m so glad A Time to Die encouraged you to read the whole Bible and grow closer to God. It wasn’t until I went to Emmaus Bible college that I finally read the entire Bible for myself, and I learned so much and grew because of it. I don’t know why it took me until then to really read and study the Bible; I guess we just need something to push us to do it. 🙂
    I’m going to add AToD to my tbr list now!


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