RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

Hello again, readers (assuming I still have readers after my long absence)! I’m here today to announce something very special—something we (or at least I) have been waiting for for a couple years now.

Have you ever wanted a big break to get a short story published? Do you like Fairy Tale retellings? Do you need to build an author platform?

If any of these are true, you’ll want to read this post.

We’ve been all ears with baited breath to see just what fairy tale would be the final contest at RoogleWood Press… And here it is at last!













Rooglewood Press invites you to join the adventure of the Five Poisoned Apples creative writing contest!

Tada! Here it is!

Isn’t that cover gorgeous! Click it. Zoom in. Study the amazing-ness.

And then click this to see the official rules!



That’s right! It’s Snow White (and I guessed it before I got the cover… heh heh heh…).

The cover was done by Julia Popova and Wynter Clark. The stories, on the other hand, are written by… Well, you.

So check out the official rules, sharpen your imaginations, draw your mighty pens, and get writing!

Are you going to write a retelling for the latest and final contest? Tell me below!


5 thoughts on “RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

  1. Aghhhh! YOU POSTED YOU POSTED YOU POSTED! Hoorah! Yippee! I’m so glad to hear from your little corner of the internet!
    And that’s exciting news! Are you entering?


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