Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

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Aren’t intros to blog posts the worst? (Well, actually, German sausages are the wurst…) I could say, “Today I’m participating in the blog tour for Bryan Davis’s new book, Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World,” but I’m assuming you can read both the title and the banner, since, well, you’re reading this right now…

So instead, I’ll just skip the intro (ignore the above intro) and say, “Bryan Davis wrote a Middle Grade Superhero story, and it’s pretty great.”

Many of us have experience with Bryan Davis, from his Dragons in Our Midst series on through his many other books, including my personal favorite, Echoes From the Edge. Bryan Davis introduced me to fantasy. Without Raising Dragons, I wouldn’t be blogging like this at all. So the least I can do is introduce you to his new book (also, I read it, and, yeah. It’s pretty cool.)

Psst! There’s a number somewhere in this blog post that you’ll need for the grand prize giveaway. Don’t miss it! More specific instructions are here. Please note: You cannot possibly have the correct number until all of the tour posts are up, and your giveaway entries will not be valid unless you have the correct number.

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Eddie Hertz is smart, real smart. He has to be. What other twelve-year- old patrols the streets of Nirvana alone, hoping to foil the schemes of the evil Mephisto? Since Eddie is small for his age, he trusts in his Batman-style gadgets belt and acrobatic skills as well as lots of experience, like knowing how to swing across dark alleys without being seen.

Eddie has a dream, to become like Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero. To make that dream come true, Eddie invented a device that is supposed to give him superpowers, but using it on himself is dangerous, maybe even fatal. He doesn’t have the nerve to try it.
When Mephisto unleashes an earthquake machine on the city, Eddie gets a surprising teammate — his quirky eight-year- old sister, Samantha, who comes up with an unexpected way to help Eddie in the frantic battle to prevent the biggest earthquake of all.

Since Damocles has lost his ability to help in physical form, Eddie and Samantha are the only hope for Nirvana and the world.

Personally, I love middle grade. I read more MG than I did when I was actually in the target age group. This book specifically is different from Bryan Davis’s other series because there’s no romance, there’s a lower violence level, the book is shorter, and the two main characters are younger than the ones in his other series.

And I have the pleasure of interviewing a character from the book, maybe my favorite character in the whole book. 

So without further ado, the interview!

Today I’m pleased to welcome Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero, to Story of Fire! Welcome to the blog, Damocles. We’ll jump right into the questions, since I’m sure a superhero like you is very busy.

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?

I was born and raised in the city of Nirvana. Like many superheroes, my life was filled with tragedy. I lost my mother in a war between competing clown gangs. The battles were horrific, filled with maniacal laughter. When I was fourteen, my father died when he crashed his car into a Dairy Queen. The cause of death was either blunt-force trauma or extreme lactose intolerance. The coroner wasn’t sure.

In any case, I learned how to fight the hard way, on the streets. I was part of a gang of loiterers for a while, but when my best friend got killed by a silent mime attack, I saw the darkness and futility of it all. Just standing around waiting to be killed by other gangs made no sense.

I wanted out. I wanted a better life. So I hit the books hard. But it wasn’t easy. Living with a step uncle three times removed, who didn’t care if I lived or died, I had to be my own father and mother. And I had to fight … a lot. I wanted to leave the streets, but the streets wouldn’t leave me. The gangs wouldn’t stop bothering me, especially the clowns. Those painted faces haunted me, even in my dreams. Yet, the experiences, as bad as they were, made me stronger.

Tragedy certainly does seem to follow your kind around. I’m glad the experiences have made you stronger. On that topic, what made you decide to be a Superhero?

I wanted to help my neighborhood. I had to do something about the gangs. I enrolled in the police academy and became a street cop, a good one. Since I knew the streets and the lingo, even the sign language used by the mimes, I established a great rapport with most of the kids.

But then a new scourge infected the neighborhoods, an especially addictive drug called Ghost. It made a person invisible. Those who take it commit crimes, knowing they can’t be seen, and it often leads them to do something dangerous, They often get killed in the process, especially when they take the drug too many times. In short, they stay invisible forever.

When I found the main dealer, I tried to arrest him, but he turned out to be a superpowered robot. He broke my nose and three of my ribs. That’s when I knew I needed to become more than a normal cop. I studied martial arts, gymnastics, and acrobatics, and I also invented the gadgets I use, the most important being Mastix. Of course, you already know about Mastix. Everyone knows about Mastix.

Obviously, everyone knows about Mastix. Why did you choose the name Damocles?

Damocles was a character in a story who learned that positions of power come at a great price—fear that always looms because of critical decisions you have to make and the constant risk that someone wants to kill you. As a superhero, I wanted a constant reminder of the great responsibility I have on my shoulders, to not let my head swell, to realize that danger always lurks. We superheroes can never rest.

Ah, yes. “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,” as they say.

Is there a personal reason for fighting Mephisto, or does he just happen to be the one attacking the place you protect?

After I battled and defeated the drug-dealing robot, I learned that Mephisto invented it, and he was using the drug money to build a super-secret headquarters for building more dastardly devices. So my reasons for fighting Mephisto were to stop his insane crime empire and to keep my city safe. It is personal in that he hurt the people in my home neighborhood with the Ghost drug. Some of my best friends are still invisible. I don’t know if we’ll ever find them.

That’s hard. I hope this all works out for you. Continuing on that subjuct, do you think you have a legal and moral right to do what you do?

Since there is no law against doing good and stopping evil, then, yes, I do have a legal right to do what I do. Some argue that I am taking the law into my own hands. Yet, everyone who tries to stop evil does the same. I am no different from the father who locks his doors at night and arms his security system. I just do the same on a more dramatic scale.

Regarding a moral right, I think it would be highly immoral to allow evil to have its way in Nirvana. If I have the ability to stop crime, protect the citizens, and save lives, then I have the moral responsibility to do so. Especially when it comes to stopping Mephisto. And clowns and mimes. Especially invisible ones.

I’d say the only thing creepier than a clown is an invisible one. And last, but certainly not least, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I love many flavors of ice cream, but my favorite is Neapolitan with walnuts with little bits of okra mixed in, as long as they’re not too chewy. The combination is an explosion of flavor that reminds me of Nirvana. We are a bunch of sweet, creamy, people of many races with some fruits and nuts mixed in. And the okra? Well, I just like okra. What can I say?

That sounds like… An interesting combination, to say the least. Well, thanks for dropping by to be interviewed! The people of Nirvana, and farther beyond than you could imagine, are grateful for you and what you do.

And now for the fun stuff (not that the other stuff wasn’t fun, but this definitely is)! This mini-giveaway appears in all the blogs on the tour, and includes your choice of ANY Bryan Davis book, in addition to a Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World bookmark and T-shirt.

And now for the point where you say, “Wow!” Here’s THE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY, which is… Well, pretty massive. The grand prize is a complete Bryan Davis Series of Your Choice OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card, PLUS a Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World T-Shirt and Bookmark, PLUS any Bryan Davis Book of Your Choice. (Sorry, no international entries.)

You can say “wow!” now.


Bryan Davis is the author of several bestselling series, including Dragons in Our Midst and the
Reapers Trilogy, speculative fiction for youth and adults. Bryan and his wife, Susie, work
together as an author/editor team to create his imaginative tales.

You can find Bryan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and The Author’s Chair Blog.

To purchase Wanted or other Bryan Davis books, visit Bryan’s Website, The Author’s Chair, or Amazon.

Make sure to visit the other participating blogs!


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How excited are you for this book? Have you had any experience with Bryan Davis books before? And if you were a superhero, what would your powers be? Tell me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

  1. That was an interesting interview. The more I read about Damocles, the more I start to feel like he’s one of those people who you never quite know if they’re making a joke or not, because their words seem like they should be a joke, but the person himself is totally straight-faced. And that was horrible grammar, but oh well. As I said, great interview!


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