Who am I?




For a moment, I considered making a very professional, third-person, author-y bio.

That moment passed.

So, hi. The name’s Thomas.

Carrie-Anne Thomas.

And I like to think I’m pretty interesting.

Previously around the internet I was known my the pseudonym FaithSong. When I originally chose that name, I waffled back and forth (I love that phrase) over whether to go by FaithSong (from my middle name, Faith, and the meaning of Carrie-Anne, which is “gracious melody,”), or FireSong… Just, well, because I like fire.

I decided on FaithSong, because I knew people would want a shortened version to call me, and just calling me “Fire” would be a little weird.

In spite of that, I recently had a friend and fellow writer refer to me as a “big ball of fire and glitter.”


So here’s the blog of a big ball of fire and glitter. Not sure why you’re here, but you obviously have a smidgen of interest in what I’ve got to say. Not that I ever post anything. I post all the time.

So, come on in, kiddo.



*Note: The title “Story of Fire” had to work, because, “Story of a Big Ball of Fire and Glitter” was a little long…


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