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Penprints Flash Fiction Dash: Human Error

Hey, y’all! Today I’m going to be participating in Rosalie Valentine’s Flash Fiction Dash. The challenge was to write a 1k or less flash fiction from a prompt. We had the option of picking an image prompt or a sentence prompt, but I couldn’t decide which I wanted, so Rosalie gave me both. I wrote… Continue reading Penprints Flash Fiction Dash: Human Error

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Writing Update: Graphic Novel?

In October of last year, I wrote a post on this blog talking about my most recent story. I talked about how it was a major change for me, genre-wise, because, you know, it’s a historical sci-fi (in other news, I’ve decided it’s in the year 1954 exactly). But I had no idea how big… Continue reading Writing Update: Graphic Novel?

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Beautiful Books: From Stranger Worlds

Last year, I did this tag with Won’t Feel a Thing, and it was pretty cool, so I figured, why not do it again? For those of you who don’t know, Beautiful Books is a tag hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up and Further In.  It’s a NaNoWriMo-themed variation on their normal monthly tag, Beautiful People. Instead of asking… Continue reading Beautiful Books: From Stranger Worlds

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Beautiful Books: Won’t Feel a Thing

Yes, NaNoWriMo is coming. We all know it, and, frankly, most of us aren’t sure whether to be excitedly waiting November 1st, or dreading it. But, yes, as I pretty much always do, I am participating this year, with my most recent novel, Won’t Feel a Thing. So! To get y’all acquainted with my novel (and… Continue reading Beautiful Books: Won’t Feel a Thing

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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kid

Shalom, mellons! Today I’m participating in Rachelle O’Neil‘s 4th Flash Fiction Challenge. Anna Jolene gave me this prompt: “A child or young teen is being chased through a building by government officials. Write how the chase ends.” This is what I came up with. I edited out about 300 words from it, and it ended up… Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kid

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Manipulating Your Reader

Okay, so you might have seen the title of this post and said, “Wait, what? Manipulating?” (Although, I think most of you have done it, so… :-P) And, yes. Manipulating. Authors do it quite a bit, you know. Have you ever had a character that “gave you the creeps”, even though they never technically said… Continue reading Manipulating Your Reader

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Flash Fiction Challenge, March 2015 (Pain, Hope).

Hey, everybody! Today I’m participating in Rachelle O-Neil‘s flash-fiction challenge. After two failed stories, I finally (yesterday) wrote a story that would work (I came up with the idea for it the day before yesterday). After grueling edits (okay, maybe not grueling), in which I edited out 206 of my precious words to come down to… Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge, March 2015 (Pain, Hope).