RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

RoogleWood Press Fairy-Tale Contest!

Hello again, readers (assuming I still have readers after my long absence)! I’m here today to announce something very special—something we (or at least I) have been waiting for for a couple years now.

Have you ever wanted a big break to get a short story published? Do you like Fairy Tale retellings? Do you need to build an author platform?

If any of these are true, you’ll want to read this post.

We’ve been all ears with baited breath to see just what fairy tale would be the final contest at RoogleWood Press… And here it is at last!













Rooglewood Press invites you to join the adventure of the Five Poisoned Apples creative writing contest!

Tada! Here it is!

Isn’t that cover gorgeous! Click it. Zoom in. Study the amazing-ness.

And then click this to see the official rules!



That’s right! It’s Snow White (and I guessed it before I got the cover… heh heh heh…).

The cover was done by Julia Popova and Wynter Clark. The stories, on the other hand, are written by… Well, you.

So check out the official rules, sharpen your imaginations, draw your mighty pens, and get writing!

Are you going to write a retelling for the latest and final contest? Tell me below!

2015 Blog Summary And Special Thanks

2015 Blog Summary And Special Thanks

Shalom, mellons!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. I am here to give you a sumary, and thank a few special people.


Click here to see the complete report.

I’d like to thank Natasha Roxby, Katie Grace, and Joeltheman for being faithful commenters. Thank you! *showers orange glitter everywhere*

The number of posts is, sadly, very small, but I am planning on focusing on my blog more in 2016. xP

Also, Merry Christmas! And Happy (not quite) New Year!

Doings at Benaiah

Doings at Benaiah

Galu, mellons! I’ve decided to copy the epic writer and blogger, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and do a “Doings” post. (Benaiah is our land. The name means, “Yaweh has built.”)

So, a medium amount of stuff has been happening around here. We’ve been having some problems with predators in our chicken coop. In fact, we caught a possum just yesterday.

And it has been super rainy here! Raining constantly. I like rain quite a bit (even in tornado season), but this is a whole lot. I still like it. 😛

And yes, this is definitely a picture of the rain that fell here.
And yes, this is definitely a picture of the rain that fell here.

I’ve been working on notes, character building, and story plotting for 19, my Five Magic Spindles Submission. It’s been challenging, especially finding a name for my FMC, but I finally settled on one. Well… Three, but I settled on one for the first name… Anyways.

Athelas seems to have obsessed over Andrew Peterson’s music… Okay, so she doesn’t just seem to have. She has. 😛 She is constantly playing it, and while it’s good music, it gets on my nerves after the 800th time… But I put up with it because I’m such a nice, considerate sister…

Okay, okay. I put up with it because of one really awesome song at the end of one of the albums. It’s called, After the Last Tear Falls, and it really is very epic. Here:

See? It’s very nice. It’s probably the only song that has made me cry more than once…

Anyways, this is a short Doings post… But I can’t think of anything else I can talk about…

Oh! Oh! I know! I have an new idea for my blog. I’m running out of things to draw, and since I’m interested in someday selling art commissions, I figured I should start practicing taking commissions right now.

I would have people give descriptions of their characters, or something else they wanted me to draw, and any pictures that looked like what they wanted me to draw, and then I’d draw it. I’d have some limit to the amount of commissions per time period, of course.

So, what d’you think? Is it a good idea for my blog? And what’s been going on at your house?

Introductory Post– Otherwise Entitled, “Hi.”

Introductory Post– Otherwise Entitled, “Hi.”

Hi. My name is Faith, but you’ll be able to tell that from my About Page.
I sat at the computer, staring at the blinking cursor for who knows how long. But that’s how all good novels start, right? (Don’t answer that, please?)
First off, I want to tell you what this blog is for.
It’s for me to post random things about my life, theories, story snippets (maybe a story, if I get enough commenting people), and occasionally character interviews and the life of my characters. Oh, and my art. There shall be an art page on here shortly.
Secondly, I would like to say how very encouraging comments are, so they would be nice to get. 🙂
And lastly… I have a rather hard time staying committed to things. I’ll be writing a story, and then it starts to get boring, and, what do you know, a shiny new idea!
So. If I’m missing for a few months, go ahead and comment and lecture me, mm?
Anyway, until then, farewell!