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#BlogBattle 70 — Derelict

Hi, y’all! If you are terribly unobservant, you didn’t notice that I’m doing the #BlogBattle again. But since you aren’t, I won’t mention it (shh). Maybe it’s getting monotonous seeing battle after battle on here, with no posts in between… I need to find something else to do, as well, but for now, another blogbattle… Continue reading #BlogBattle 70 — Derelict

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#BlogBattle 69 — “Hazel”

Good morning (or whenever), folks! I’m participating in Rachael Richley’s #BlogBattle again, and since I got the idea for another installment of the same fantasy story I did last time, I’ve continued it. You can find the first part by clicking the “#BlogBattle” category at the top of this post. It’s less edited than last time, because… Continue reading #BlogBattle 69 — “Hazel”

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#BlogBattle 68 — “Menagerie”

Shalom, haverim! Today I’m participating in the weekly #BlogBattle writing challenge, where the host, Rachael Ritchley, gives a randomly chosen one-word prompt, every week. I’ve been following along for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve actually participated, with the word, “Menagerie.” I combined this with another prompt I received somewhere else, “Broken.”… Continue reading #BlogBattle 68 — “Menagerie”

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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kid

Shalom, mellons! Today I’m participating in Rachelle O’Neil‘s 4th Flash Fiction Challenge. Anna Jolene gave me this prompt: “A child or young teen is being chased through a building by government officials. Write how the chase ends.” This is what I came up with. I edited out about 300 words from it, and it ended up… Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge: The Kid

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Behind the Scenes Writing Tag

Shalom, readers! I’ve been tagged in the Behind The Scenes Writing Tag. Thanks goes to Katie at A Writer’s Faith for the tag. Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing? I think a better question is, “Is there a snack I don’t like to eat while writing?” 😛 Okay, no. So, I like… Continue reading Behind the Scenes Writing Tag

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Rooglewood Press Contest Cover Reveal! (And contest details)

Galu! I am super excited today to be able to participate in the Cover Reveal of the Rooglewood Press “Five-Something-Something” contest! All us Goldstone Wood Imps have been waiting with baited breath (not literally, of course…) to find out what this Fairytale theme is! And so, I will show you. The name is… *drumroll* Five… Continue reading Rooglewood Press Contest Cover Reveal! (And contest details)