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#BlogBattle 69 — “Hazel”

Good morning (or whenever), folks! I’m participating in Rachael Richley’s #BlogBattle again, and since I got the idea for another installment of the same fantasy story I did last time, I’ve continued it. You can find the first part by clicking the “#BlogBattle” category at the top of this post. It’s less edited than last time, because… Continue reading #BlogBattle 69 — “Hazel”

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#BlogBattle 68 — “Menagerie”

Shalom, haverim! Today I’m participating in the weekly #BlogBattle writing challenge, where the host, Rachael Ritchley, gives a randomly chosen one-word prompt, every week. I’ve been following along for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve actually participated, with the word, “Menagerie.” I combined this with another prompt I received somewhere else, “Broken.”… Continue reading #BlogBattle 68 — “Menagerie”


A Time to Rise COVER REVEAL!

Aaaaah, people! IT. IS. TIME! If you’ve been following my blog for very long, you’ll know that Nadine Brandes’ Out of Time series is my favorite book series ever, in all the cosmos. Well, today I have the enormous pleasure of participating in the cover reveal for the third and last (I won’t think about that)… Continue reading A Time to Rise COVER REVEAL!

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#Walk30Days Wrap-up/Highlights

Shalom, haverim! You’re probably wondering what this strange hashtag thing is doing in my banner. Truthfully, I’m as surprised as anyone. I actually went outside this month. Walked, even. The fault belongs to my awesome writing-hero-and-author-of-what-I-fan-over (I totally call her that every day), Nadine Brandes. Just before May, she posted about this insane idea of (gasp) going outside!… Continue reading #Walk30Days Wrap-up/Highlights

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Infinity Dream Award/Tag

Shalom, haverim! I was tagged by The Art of Writing for Him’s Rachael (or RayRay as I call her) to do the Infinity Dream Award/Tag. Yes, I know, I’ve done a lot of tags recently, but people won’t stop tagging me! (Just joking… I like doing tags, and I haven’t figured out any other kind of… Continue reading Infinity Dream Award/Tag

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30 Song Challenge

Shalom, haverim! So, a little while ago (over a month *cough*), Natasha from Starlit Wanderings tagged me for the 30 Song Challenge. It was fun to do, but it took up a lot of time to think of all these songs and fill it out! And I definitely did not procrastinate a bunch. 😉 (It’s also ridiculous how long it took… Continue reading 30 Song Challenge

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The Get to Know Me Challenge

  ——Shalom, readers! Today I’m participating in The Get to Know Me Tag! (Though I’m calling it a challenge. *nod* Because it sounds cool.) Many thanks to Rachael (or Rayray, as I call her) for tagging me. 🙂   Vital Stats Name: Weeeell, I don’t do real names over the internet, but Faith really is… Continue reading The Get to Know Me Challenge