Immortal’s War

Stage: First Draft—Completed


L’drae is the daughter of the Voice from the richest tribe in the Union—whose only daughter supposedly died five years ago.

Unknown to most, she has been working as the Union’s assassin ever since, using her immortality as her main advantage.

Unknown to the Chief, the leader of the Union, she has been smuggling her supposed victims out of the Capitol’s sector every time, and has no intention of ever killing anyone for the Union again.

Her reputation as the deadliest assassin has spread rapidly, even with the relatively few assignments that the public knows of. But for L’drae, it hasn’t spread fast enough—not enough for her to blackmail the neighboring king into naming her his heir, so that she can, perhaps, add another ally to the Union: through marriage to her childhood friend, prince Dheral.

Her plans are interrupted, however, when a controversial assignment comes directly from the Chief—kill his young child and alternate heir, and make it look like an assassination from her target king.

She is prepared to smuggle Dheral’s sister out of the Union’s territory, but it seems this is a delicate mission. And the Chief requires proof.

In a web of politics, threats of war, and betrayal, L’drae must decide: Kill, or be killed?

Because there are ways to kill even immortals.

Note: A great deal of this teaser may change, since this story is still in the development stage. Also, I am writing this story for Camp NaNoWriMo in July, 2016, so if you want to know more about my current progress, you can look at the Immortal’s War Camp NaNoWriMo Page. (It shares the page with another novel which I used to get more words after this novel was drafted.

Won’t Feel a Thing

Stage: Brainstorming and Development


Harper’s job as the doctors’ cyborg assistant is fairly simple.

Deliver and retrieve packages (probably illegal), oversee shipments (definitely illegal), and on the latest mission, escort Dr. Mitchel to his contact (no doubt here).

The simpleness, however, seems to have fled. All systems were supposed to be functioning correctly, but when Harper’s mission goes dangerously wrong… something breaks.

She’s not sure what it is, but these flashes of strange memories can’t be programmed.

As segments of a past life she didn’t know she had unfold in her mind, she becomes wary of the doctors… And they aren’t the only threat. Someone, some group, is out there—and they want her dead.

And the very worst part is this unusual phenomena called “emotions.”

The same as the last story, a lot will change in this. I’m doing it for NaNoWriMo in November, 2016. Here’s my progress! Won’t Feel A Thing NaNoWriMo Page.